Kandi Kruiser 2P UTV or Golf Cart with Lithium battery

Premium 2-Seater Electric Golf Cart or Utility vehicle – Ideal for Off-Road Adventure
Discover the ultimate in golf cart technology with our premium 2-seater electric golf cart.
Perfectly blending eco-friendliness with robust off-road capabilities, this electric golf cart offers a seamless and quiet ride, revolutionizing your golfing and outdoor experience.
Its state-of-the-art design and cutting-edge features make it the ideal choice for golf enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

Price £10264.00

Key features
Engine Efficiency: Boasting a powerful 5,000-watt AC electric motor, our golf cart is designed for top performance
Eco-Friendly Battery: Equipped with a 48V deep cycle battery, ensuring a sustainable and efficient ride.
Impressive Range & Speed: Reach top speeds of 25 MPH with an estimated range of 40 miles, ideal for both golf courses and off-road terrains.
Rugged Design: Features like a 7.8-inch ground clearance and robust tires (23 x 10.5-14) make it perfect for off-road adventures.
Versatile Utility: A dump bed and tailgate with a 500 lbs capacity and a towing capability of 1,500 lbs, catering to all your utility needs.
Advanced Suspension: Independent MacPherson Strut Suspension in the front and Swing Arm Straight Axle in the rear for a smooth ride.
Safety First: Hydraulic disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear ensure your safety in all conditions. Customization Options: Available in multiple colors and equipped with aluminum wheels and a 3,000 lbs winch.


Rear tipper bed or twin golf bag holders...

Side Steps  

Front winch... and sturdy crash bars

Kandi Kruiser 4P
UTV-Golf Cart 

Welcome to our top-of-the-line electric off-road golf cart! Our carts are designed with the golfer in mind, providing a smooth, quiet, and eco-friendly ride on the greens.
Discover what makes this 4 person electric golf cart a premium choice for both the greens and off-road adventures:
Powerful and Efficient Electric Motor Our AC Electric Motor is rated at 5,000 watts, providing ample power for any terrain.
It is also energy-efficient, allowing for longer driving ranges between charges.

Also available with the Lithium Ion battery for extra range...
Price £10450.00


Practical features for easy maintenance

Ergonomic Dash 

Comfy seats

Sleek styling

Kandi Kruiser 6P UTV-Golf Cart Lithium


Discover the outstanding features that make our 6-seater electric golf cart, the Kruiser 6P, your ultimate choice for off-road adventures and golfing: 6-Person Capacity:
With room for the whole crew, our 6-seater golf cart is perfect for family outings or group trips to the golf course.
Off-Road Excellence:
This electric off-road golf cart is built to tackle challenging terrains with ease, ensuring you can explore beyond the fairways.
Quiet and Eco-Friendly:
Powered by a 5,000-watt AC Electric Motor, our cart offers a smooth and virtually silent ride while being environmentally conscious.
Impressive Range:
Cover up to 37 miles on a single charge, allowing you to enjoy extended rides without worrying about recharging.
Stylish Options:
Choose from a range of attractive colors, including Blue, Black, Red, Silver, Matte Black, and White, to match your personal style.
Enhanced Safety:
Equipped with Hydraulic Disc front brakes and Hydraulic Drum rear brakes, our golf cart ensures reliable stopping power.
Comfortable Design:
Enjoy a comfortable and ergonomic driving experience with included Electric Power Steering (EPS) and an adjustable seat height.
Warranty Assurance:
We stand behind our product with a 36 Months Lithium, 24 Months AGM, and 12 Months Limited Warranty, giving you peace of mind.
Age-Friendly: Suitable for individuals aged 16 years and older, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of users.

Price £12990.00


Kandi Kruiser 4PRO Forward A Golf Cart

High-Performance Engine: At its heart, an AC Electric Motor with a substantial 5,000 watts of rated power propels the Kruiser 4PRO Forward A, ensuring your journey is both powerful and smooth, with a top speed of 20 MPH.

Long-Lasting Battery Life: Powered by a Lithium 48V 150Ah battery, it offers an impressive estimated maximum driving range of 40 miles on a single charge, making it perfect for exploring vast golf courses and rugged terrains alike.

Quick and Easy Charging: Featuring a convenient 120V Charging Port (SAE J1772), the Kruiser 4PRO Forward A ensures you’re always ready to go with a charging time of just 6.5 hours. Rugged and Ready Design: With a ground clearance of 6.3 inches and equipped with 23 x 10.5-14 tires on both front and rear, this cart is built to navigate through challenging terrains effortlessly.

Advanced Suspension System: The front is fitted with an Independent MacPherson Strut Suspension, while the rear features a Swing Arm Straight Axle, guaranteeing a smooth ride across all surfaces.

Safety and Comfort: Hydraulic Disc front brakes and Hydraulic Drum rear brakes, along with Electric Power Steering (EPS) and aluminum wheels, ensure your ride is not only safe but also comfortably stylish.

Customizable Aesthetics: Available in a variety of colors, including Cavalry Blue, Lime Green, Grey, Matte Black, and Turquoise, allowing for personalization to match your style.

Warranty and Support: Comes with a 36-month warranty for the lithium battery and a 12-month limited vehicle warranty, providing peace of mind with your purchase. 

The Kruiser 4PRO Forward A is not just a 4-seat forward-facing golf cart; it’s a statement of luxury, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.
Whether you’re cruising through the golf course or embarking on an off-road adventure, this cart offers a seamless blend of performance, comfort, and style. Make a sustainable choice without compromising on experience. of whatever it is you want.

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